Bamboo cotton buds

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Keep respecting the environment with these bamboo cotton buds. They’ll get the job done regardless of the application, owing to their robust bamboo stick and generous cotton tip.

From cleaning your ears to helping you with your latest art or craft, the classic cotton ear buds are there to support your everyday needs. Although they are mainly used to remove the wax from your ear canal, cotton swabs have an incredible range of uses depending on the user.

Thanks to the recent ban on single-use plastic items, including plastic cotton buds, the mentality is slowly shifting away from plastic-made earbuds. Alternatives to cotton buds made of biodegradable materials make their way in our everyday lives for the Planet’s and our own’s delight.

Why bamboo cotton buds?

The eco cotton buds from Bambaw are the perfect plastic-free alternative thanks to its primary material – rolling drums – bamboo. This renewable “super-hero”, as we like to call it, keeps its unique properties when made into products: rayon, straws, or even bamboo cotton buds.

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Bamboo cotton buds

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