We are happy to see you here! Honestly!

Greenspells is a small family owned company based in Lithuania, that wants to inspire people and take part in making the world a better place. We believe that Clean, non toxic and cruelty free – is a right way for everything – our lives, our people, our minds, our environment, our food.
So as our beauty and personal hygiene products – they all could and should be effective yet safe to use.
That is why we created Greenspells – a place where you will find natural and organic, non toxic and cruelty free beauty products, carefully picked from all over the world. 

Why such products are better than regular ones? Well.. For a million reasons, here are our favorites:

  • There are no toxic and dangerous ingredients. If you go deeper and analyze what’s in the regular label and how it effects you, you would probably make a switch right away. You could check our blog for more info or do your own research. Just so you know – our skin (especially face zone) absorbs up to 65% of a product, this enters our bloodstream. Worth to think twice, isn’t it?
  • It is same or much more effective! Don’t get it wrong, natural doesn’t mean it’s simple or primitive. There is a lot of science behind these products and producers, but you don’t have to be a scientist to realize, that for example essential oil from original plant is way different than a synthetic fragrance copy of a plant. Besides, regular products usually contain lots of cheap synthetic fillers, which are not useful for you at all, some are harmful and just take a big part in a composition, and you pay money for it!
  • Organic products means they haven’t been treated with pesticides. There are ~30% more antioxidants in organic products than in regular ones!
  • Cruelty free, as we do not support any cruelty to animals – no animal testing, no parts of their bodies in cosmetics. Which is not a value for some gigant regular cosmetic producers.
  • All of our producers care about the planet in different ways – not only the good ingredients they use, but some even grows their own farms of fruits and plants for production, use sollar energy, biodegradable packaging, gives a part of income for charity and etc. There are a lot of good people around the world, and we love to support them! Don’t forget – every vote counts!

If you got interested and feel our values match, you are welcome to join our club, let’s become friends in social media or in real life. Let’s do it together 🙂

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With love,

Greenspells family