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Treat your skin and nature well with this vegan shaving brush. Experience the pleasures of smooth and sustainable shaving without ingrown hair or irritation.

What is a shaving brush?

Until a few decades ago, most of the people who shaved used a shaving brush. However, with the advent of shaving foam, this technique gradually lost its popularity. However, it is a tool that is far from obsolete when it comes to caring for your skin, whether you shave your beard, legs, underarms or bikini line.

Indeed, shaving brushes can be used to lather up shaving products that only lather with friction, such as shaving soap or cream. These products are often better for your skin than shaving foams because they contain more natural ingredients and are less aggressive to your skin. They also last longer because they require less product per shave and are more environmentally friendly because they come in aluminium-free containers, unlike shaving foams stored in cans.

What are the advantages of the Bambaw shaving brush?

The Bambaw synthetic shaving brush is therefore a tool that allows you to use more environmentally friendly products for shaving, but also provides a better result as it has many other advantages than simply spreading your shaving cream or soap.

It prepares your hair before shaving

Using a shaving brush helps to properly prepare the skin and hair for a great shave. Brushing the skin in circular motions is the best way to ensure that the shaving soap or cream gets into all the nooks and crannies of your skin, but more importantly, it softens the hair and loosens it from the skin for an optimal shaving experience. This allows the razor to cut the hair more easily.

This results in a better quality of the foam

One of the most important elements of a quality shave is the formation of a good lather. The thicker the shaving foam , the easier it is for the razor to glide over the skin, which reduces the post-shave burning sensation. A shaving brush often gives a denser result than products that lather automatically, as it adds more moisture to the lather and thus thickens it.

It exfoliates your skin

In addition, brushing removes dirt, dust and dead skin cells, which helps prevent pimples and ingrown hairs. So that’s another benefit of the synthetic shaving brush that helps you take care of your skin.

It is even better for beginners

The vegan shaving brush allows for a generous layer of lather which gives the perfect protection and enable the safety razor’s blade to slide gently against your skin. Eliminate all kinds of razor burns with the proper preparation of the skin. Because it prevents ingrown hair and leaves your skin clear and smooth, it makes the Bambaw synthetic shaving brush the best ally for beginners.

Bambaw shaving brush has cruelty free bristles


Traditional shaving brushes are made of badger or boar hair. With badgers or boars being raised on farms and then violently killed for make-up, most shaving brushes turn out to be inhumanely made. Fortunately, the Bambaw synthetic shaving brush is made of nylon, an even better alternative to its animal-based counterparts.

Besides keeping the animals safe and sound, the Bambaw bristles do not smell, dry faster and do not fall out. The softness of nylon bristles is designed to create the best lather without irritating the skin, which is not always the case with badger bristles, which are often considered too soft, or boar bristles, on the other hand, which are considered too hard on the skin and cause irritation.


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