Toothbrush for children
Kidz Very Soft 5-10 years



From now on, I brush my teeth myself! Radius Kidz is the first toothbrush for self-cleaning. The high-quality brush head with soft bristles ensures excellent care of teeth and gums.

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Toothbrush Kidz is intended for school-aged children from 6 years and older. The Kidz toothbrush is made from natural materials without the use of petroleum products. All toothbrush materials are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Thanks to the thumb-held handle and the 45-degree inclined head, correct toothbrush holding skills are developed. Even if you brush your teeth carelessly with Radius Kidz, an excellent result is achieved. The American Dental Association has confirmed that the Kidz toothbrush is an effective tool against the formation of plaque and gingivitis. After just a few days of brushing your teeth with a Kidz toothbrush, you will notice that the children’s teeth have become significantly whiter and cleaner.

Why kids love brushing their teeth with Kidz:

  • A comfortable thumb-held handle is easily controlled by a child.
  •  The 45-degree angled brush head helps maintain the cleaning angle recommended by dentists.
  • Three times more than a regular brush, very thin bristles with rounded ends, arranged in a mixed manner in the brush head, easily cleans between the teeth and massages the gums.
  • 100% natural toothbrush bristles last up to 6 months.
  • The toothbrush does not contain BPA and other harmful substances. All materials used in the brush are FDA approved.
  • The American Dental Association confirms that brushing with a Radius Kidz toothbrush reduces the chance of gingivitis and plaque formation. Beautiful, award-winning brush design. You can choose from a wide collection of brushes.



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Toothbrush for children
Kidz Very Soft 5-10 years”

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